Slate roofs are great, if properly maintained.  This one looks a little funky, but it is really not in bad shape.  We found about 15 slates to be repaired.  That’s not too bad for a roof that has been ignored for a long time. Image

With a slate roof, you want to develop a relationship with a qualified slate roofer who will inspect and make little repairs every year or two–depending on the age and condition of the roof.  Slate roof repair does not include smearing asphalt roofing cement all over the place.  The best way to ruin a slate roof is by a improper repair.  Here is a close up….


You can see in the detail above some wear on the surface of the slate, but there is still plenty of slate left.


Can you see the loose and the missing slates on the dormer?  Also on the left of this photo you can see the tin flashing in the valley.  The paint is peeling and should be scraped and repainted.  With slate roofs it’s common for the flashing or nails to wear out before the slates do.

Whoever repairs your slate roof should be the only person who walks on it.  Slate and tile roofs can be damaged by walking if the person does not know where and how to step and they can be very, very slippery.