When I’m inspecting the exterior and I see an electrical meter box like this one.  Image  I’m 85% sure I’ll find rust in the electric panel inside the house.  This is the kind of problem the sellers/owners can be completely unaware of, unless they have taken the dead front cover off the panel.  Water gets into the meter box and from there into the inside of the service entrance cable and on to the panel inside the house.  Also, the vines around the meter and service cable should be removed.  I think it is wisteria and will, in a couple of years, do real damage to the electrical service.Image

Yep, there is rust in the panel–not visible until the front cover is removed. Image

Can you see the rust behind the main breaker?  That bare, stranded wire is the grounded conductor (neutral wire) from the meter.  Water traveled on it to the terminal and rusted it out.  Then the water drained behind the breakers to the bottom of the panel, damaging the bus bar on the way.  This panel had got to the point where it was unsafe and needed to be repaired by an electrician.