I want to talk to architects about this, or the builders, or mason’s who build chimneys.  The chimney is in the valley.

Why is that?


(Ok, the roof needs some work too.  Two layers of shingles, bad fasteners) But why put a chimney in the middle of a river?.  It’s strictly a human problem, beavers would never do this.  I don’t think home inspectors would either.


I take one look at the elevation above and I’m thinking, “oh I have to move the chimney.”  They just put a new metal roof on.  I think it started leaking within a month or two.


Here is a close up of the flashing.  The roofer should have put in a cricket in here to divert the water.


Here’s a cricket.  It’s a little dormer for a chimney that’s over 30 inches facing the roof slope.


Variation on a theme: turret in the valley.  This one wasn’t leaking…


…but it will.